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. . . we Daughters of the Most High God are meant to live wild and free... with a bold confidence sourced in knowing Whose we are.

. . . God has entrusted each one of us with a mission and message that we are to bring to the world, in order to further God's Kingdom, make Him known, and bring Him glory.

. . . we have a very real enemy who will do everything he can to dissuade, distract, and discourage us from pursuing our mission. If he can keep us timid, scared, and feeling as though we aren't good enough, then he knows we won't live from our true identity, and we won't take ownership of the power we have access to!

. . . it is time for us Daughters of the Most High God to RISE UP... to remember who we are and why we are here! It's time to show the enemy that we are unafraid because our Father is the King of Kings, and this battle has already been won!

If you are ready to RISE UP and walk in the freedom that is already yours, and to uncover YOUR unique message and mission, I invite you to join with us! There's no time to waste, as our days on earth are numbered. Join the ranks, get in the arena, and let's take the world by storm!

John 10:10 | Galatians 5:1 | John 8:36

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• Jenn Simpson •
• Jenn Simpson •

As a multi-passionate creative, I know -- really well -- the struggle of trying to narrow things down and "just pick something already!" I've spent the past 5 years trying various paths, and agonizing over the desire to do the thing that God has created me to do.

Thankfully, I've discovered what's needed to connect the dots, and I've spent the past year and a half coaching women in the pursuit of their purpose. This program is designed to share what I've learned along the way.

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The Wild & Free Life Awaits You
Jenn Simpson

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"Jenn is great at listening and helping lead you to the answer that was in your heart all along. She has a great deal of experience going through the problems that new entrepreneurs face, and has a library of resources at her disposal that she's always willing to share. I think what she helped me most with is my self-confidence and understanding that I can pursue the business I'm growing."

- Chelsea S., Founder, Stephens' Consulting

"Jenn was so helpful! Can't recommend her enough!"

- Colleen O.

"Jenn is a great listener and gives great insight. The resources she provided were spot on for my needs, and I had so many aha moments from her coaching."

- Sherrisse J.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does this membership start and finish?
This is a monthly subscription membership -- you pay each month for as long as you wish to remain a member.
How long do I have access to this membership?
After subscribing, you have unlimited access to the membership material --across any and all devices you own-- for as long as you remain a member, in good standing.
What if I am unhappy with the membership?
If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact me to let me know, and your membership will terminate on the last day of your current month

Currently, this membership is in BETA mode, which means it’s still being set up and the kinks are still being worked out. However, that’s GOOD news for you, as it means you --joining as a Founding Member-- will get all of these goodies for just $29/month!

And, when I do my official launch (at full price), YOUR price will stay the same... you'll ONLY pay $29/month for everything that is in the membership, including everything that gets added along the way! You’re locked in at your Founding Member pricing for as long as you remain a member in good standing, as my Thank You for your being willing to get in early!

So, come… join this tribe of women, RISING UP and refusing to settle for the status quo!
Come ensure that your life looks different a year from now than it does today …

Come chase your dreams and learn to live free!

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